Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reflections on a key article from 2010

It's hard for me to believe that five years have passed since the publication of Williams et al.'s key paper 'The attitudes and behaviours of illegal downloaders', from a 2015 issue of Aslib Journal of Information Management (see below).

It is one of the first papers to incorporate meta-analysis methodology, effectively summarising the research into the topic up until that point. In doing so, it argues, convincingly, that the digital world is not the same as the physical world and that new business models are needed.

Critically, it concedes that: "The research, however, shows a maze of contradictions and complexities in this sensitive and controversial subject. More research is clearly needed, especially with a wider demographic population, and with other devices than PCs that can capture and download digital content” (p. 298).

The need for more research persists today. 

Little is known about digital piracy.

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Williams, P., Nicholas, D. and Rowlands, I. (2010). The attitudes and behaviours of illegal downloaders. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 62(3), 283–301.

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