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Music Industry Piracy Investigations is an Australian website which more broadly contains some excellent resources regarding music piracy.

Music Week is an excellent resource which includes news on both recorded music and live music. Subscribers can access detailed information on chart data.

Music Business Research is a blog principally written by Dr. Peter Tschmuck who comments on various aspects of the music industry, such as streaming and filesharing, etc. 

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry offers a wealth of links to a variety of sources, as well as detailed statistics in the form of reports. This is a recommended central hub for accessing other links.

Music Law Updates is a blog, where regular updates can be recieved via email.

Live Music Exchange is a blog informed by academic research which includes a number of relevant external links.

BPI is the British Recording Industry's website, which includes a digital timeline and a blog.

IASPM is the International Association of for the Study of Popular Music, who organise international conferences.

CREATe is a research centre designed 'to help the UK cultural and creative industries thrive and become innovation leaders within the global industry'. The team spans across 7 leading academic institutions in the UK.

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