Monday, 1 July 2013

Why pirates are not immoral, and why it does not matter

Over a year ago, the morality of music piracy was a focal point on this blog.

Expanding on this article, is a new feature in the British Psychological Society magazine 'The Psychologist' (July, 2013). A cheeky open-access version of the issue can be accessed here (if you're REALLY keen).

Drawing from a wealth of recent research into the morality of digital piracy, this new piece explains how pirates know their illegal behaviours are immoral, but they do not care. Crucially, this immoral behaviour does not translate to other behaviours offline.

Oh, and it is also written by me.

An important and timely article, it summarises the research findings into morality to date and frames them in the context of anti-piracy strategies/deterrent approaches to amending piracy behaviours.


Brown, S.C. (2013, July). Digital piracy and the moral compass. The Psychologist, 26(7), 538-539.

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