Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Database of research articles into copyright

Happy holidays.

See here for a comprehensive link to a database containing hundreds of research articles and reports into copyright.

Many of them have featured on this blog in the past, but many more have not; the list is also constantly expanding.

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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Research methodology used in music piracy research: revisited

Hop on over to the excellent 'Ragged University' website for a brief article of mine on research methodology used in music piracy research.

It covers many of the issues in the 2014 Convergence article 'Approaches to digital piracy research: A call for innovation', which has been discussed elsewhere on this very blog.

How do researchers explore piracy? What are the limitations in research design? Are the findings generalisable? These are some of the questions I am keen to explore here.

The article is also littered with some great links, for those of you keen to dig a bit deeper.

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Brown, S.C. (2014). Approaches to digital piracy research: A call for innovation. Convergence, 20(2), 129-139.