Below is a short list of some events related to the research discussed in this blog.

Midem is an annual event, billed as the worlds largest trade fair for the music industry. Held in Cannes, France.

Digital Music Forum is an event which brings together influential leaders in music and digital media. Held in New York/California, USA.

Music, Law and Business is an international conference, with 2012's event held in Roskilde, Denmark.

Digital Summit is a conference bringing together some of the biggest names in music and technology with 2013's event in Atlanta, Georgia.

M3 Event is a conference with 3 panel discussions on the future of music. FREE to attend, held in Maastricht, Netherlands on May 31, 2012.

Vienna Music Business Research Days is an annual meeting discussing different topics on music business, with 2013's meeting focussing on the future of music licensing. FREE to attend (with registration necessary), the event is held annually in Vienna, Austria.

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