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This blog is the work of Dr. Steven Caldwell Brown. You can find some of the stuff he gets up to research wise here, here, and here. He is a proud member of Project Steve and hides in other corners of the internet as well, including Twitter. Sometimes. Check @musicpiracyguy.

This blog aims to bring together academic research from a variety of disciplines such as Psychology, Marketing and Law in one online resource. In doing so, it is hoped that an apparent gap is bridged between the knowledge generated by researchers and the knowledge available to the general public. Please note the author and webmaster is not affiliated with any institutions or organisations advocating piracy, but rather wishes to facilitate the public understanding of the findings which have been leading to recent technological and legislative changes which affect all internet users.

A suggestion for citation of this blog (though this will vary depending on which style guide you use) would be:

Brown, S.C. (year, month). Re: article title [Web log message]. Retrieved from: [URL]


Brown, S.C. (2013, March 21). Re: A call for more critical thinking: The example of studies showing 'piracy does not harm legal sales' [Web log message]. Retrieved from: http://musicpiracyresearchblog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/a-call-for-more-critical-thinking.html

With references or links provided in every blog post, it is encouraged to solicit the original materials cited rather than this blog.

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I maintain this blog on my own time, when I can. Please be patient if I take a while to respond to you.

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