Thursday, 15 May 2014

'In Two Minds': Public event on the psychology of voting [Event Review]

When I discuss this notion of piracy being 'good' or 'bad' at conferences or when teaching, I routinely relate it to the upcoming referendum in Scotland to vote for independence (or the other way around). Specifically, I ask people to be critical of the sorts of things people in either camp say to support their point of view. This sort of thinking inspired my recent article on critiquing the research methods used when researching digital piracy

Anyway, given I occasionally get out the house, I reviewed a recent public engagement event where academics debated the psychology of decision-making, specific to the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence - you can find the piece here on my web page which includes links to other (piracy-specific) content which might be of interest.

It was a great event, and showed how academics can engage with the public and uphold their important roles as public intellectuals, reserving their own judgements on such sensitive topics when presenting their research. I aspire to do the same on this blog.

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