Thursday, 29 May 2014

Academics present research in Comedy Clubs [An event review]

Because sometimes I get to go outside.

As mentioned in a recent blog entry, there's a group of researchers in Glasgow who present their research findings to the public in a Comedy Club called The Stand. You can find out more about them here.

I wrote a review of sorts (because it's nice to write about something other than digital piracy) which you can find here. I was really impressed with how well the individual presenters engaged with the audience, without having any common language with them; it made for lively analogies and comprehensible breakdowns of different topics (all too often not the case at conferences). It's something I might try myself in the future.

Always impressed with anyone who can explain complex phenomena in straightforward ways (Richard Dawkins is particularly good at this, the clever dick that he is). I'm especially struck by how important this skill is when reading a recent news article which suggests that the British public are not particularly knowledgeable about important current issues, possibly due to wonky reporting from mass media. If only someone would make an impartial blog on the findings from research into music piracy research...

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