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Does piracy offset legal sales of recorded music?


Is the answer, based on reviewing research into this phenomenon. The findings are not however unanimous.

Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf (2010) argue that while "some studies find evidence of a substitution effect, other findings, in particular the papers using actual file-sharing data, suggest that piracy and music sales are largely unrelated" (p.49). More recently however, in their 'non-technical' discussion of relevant literature, Smith and Telang (2012) ultimately conclude that a 'very consistent story' can be found. That is, piracy does offset otherwise legal sales of recorded music.

A negative substitution effect has been found, with Zentner (2006; 2009) demonstrating P2P usage reducing the likelihood of buying music by as much as 30-50%. More neutral effects have also been found by Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf (2007) as well as, controversially, a positive impact of filesharing on actual purchasing (Andersen and Frenz, 2007). However, this finding has been largely revoked as Barker and Maloney (2012) recently reached the opposite, intuitive finding, when making adjustments to the same dataset.

In their accessible paper, Smith and Telang (2012)  discuss the limitations of the methodologies employed in measuring this occurence, where the absence of reliable data demands for novel approaches (with inherent flaws). These should be taken into consideration.

Many of the papers cited are accessible online, including Smith and Telang (2012), which comes recommended as a good starting point.

Go on, have a read. Make your own mind up.

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