Monday, 11 February 2013

New documentaries on music piracy (includes trailer for new TPB film)

A new documentary on The Pirate Bay recently hit the web. It is called 'TPB: AFK'. The trailer is embedded below.

It has been a trending link on Twitter (look up #TPB), generating a buzz when it went live a month ago.

In the documentary, we get to see the principals involved in TPB behind the PC screen who do not present any compelling moral and legal arguments in favour of piracy, demystifying some of the confusions which plague intelligent discussion of piracy. This is what I hoped for.

What you are left with is the legal battles of Peter, Fredrik and Gottfrid whose emotionless, apathetic attitudes towards the whole process does little for me to present them in a positive light. They certainly don't come across as heroes.

It does little to advance sensible discourse over amendments of copyright, where a glance on YouTube comments (search for TPB: AFK) reveals a steady stream of people who have already made their mind up.

And that, more than anything else, is the biggest problem with piracy. Everyone has made up their mind. This isn't a practical stance to help generate the discussions necessary to make changes.

And if this documentary isn't enough to whet your whistle, Alex Winters Napster documentary 'Downloaded' is also on it's way. Click here for details.

Such documentaries, along with high profile legal battles may help 2013 emerge as a key date in the timeline of digital piracy. 

Time will tell.

Official trailer for TPB: AFK

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