Thursday, 7 March 2013

Special issue of the Journal Convergence on Digital Piracy

For those of you with access (via Sage) click here for a new issue ('Special issue on Online Piracy'). You will be able to gander at the abstracts at the very least.

Containing 6 articles covering some novel areas, such as the album leak (Harvey, 2013), Parkes (2013) provides a comprehensive overview of Anti-Piracy strategies over the years in the UK. You have them to thank for reminding me about the 'Knock-Off Nigel' campaign some years ago (see video below!)

The editorial makes it clear that the issue adopts an 'ethically neutral position'  (Jewitt and Yar, 2013, p.4), which also makes it stand out (positively) from other recent special issues.

Check it out.

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Harvey, E. (2013). Collective anticipation: The contested circulation of an album leak. Convergence, 19(1), 77-94.

Jewitt, R. and Yar, M. (2013). Consuming the illegal: Situating piracy in everyday experience. Convergence, 19(1), 3-8.

Parkes, M. (2013). Making plans for Nigel: The Industry Trust and film piracy management in the United Kingdom. Convergence, 19(1), 25-43.

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