Friday, 18 January 2013

US Congress employes are pirates too

Check this out.

Whilst it's good to know that they are watching some good movies like 'The Dark Knight Rises' and TV shows like 'The Walking Dead', the more sinister side to this story is the implication that not only do policymakers not know what they are talking about, but they don't care.

Exposing this hypocrisy is a positive thing, where as I have mentioned elsewhere, research findings from Academia are not always readily absorbed into the mainstream consciousness quickly enough to help inform genuine changes in the real world. A crude rule of thumb I have heard tossed around from a few seasoned researchers is that it takes approximately 10 years for knowledge in research to be dissolved into common knowledge.

Anyhow, this news item (and the countless others circulating online) are widely read by the general public and as such, good journalism from reputable sources such as The Guardian are an important contribution in disseminating information on piracy to the general public.

In practical terms, the hypocrisy undermines the confidence in policymakers.

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