Thursday, 4 June 2015

Recommended reading on: legal and philosophical underpinnings of digital piracy

Given the ultimate aim of this web resource is to encourage independent reading on various aspects of digital piracy, this entry marks the first in a new occasional series on recommended reading. First up, legal and philosophical underpinnings of digital piracy.

Edwards et al. (2013) provide an excellent overview of legal aspects of digital piracy, including arguments for copyright reform. Awarded the 'Best of the Web thought leader awards' by both Business Week and Forbes, Techdirt, founded by Michael Masnick (who features prominently on music piracy research blog) provides an influential and critical commentary on 'government policy, technology, and legal issues. Established in 2002, the website musiclawupdates is also a recommended resource on legal issues.

Also, check out Pykalainena et al. (2009) provide a good overview of the open source movement philosophy in practical terms. Hardy's 2012 book 'Download! How the internet transformed the record business' covers recent laws such as HADOPI in some detail. Bainbridge (2009) provides an excellent overview of intellectual property, encompassing digital piracy.

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