Friday, 22 May 2015

The commercial and aesthetic power of musical artwork

Hop on over to The Conversation website to read a short article of mine titled 'Stanley Donwood, Radiohead and the power of musical artwork'. In it, I provide a commentary on the role of art in the world of recorded music, from that ole cover of Sgt. Pepper's and beyond.

The emphasis is on Radiohead's artistic muse Stanley Donwood, whose contributions are woven into the process of recording the music itself. Other acts such as Nine Inch Nails have resident artistic directors, whilst many choose to work collaboratively with regular artists, as do Tool with Alex Grey.

But why?

If music is art, then what is the point of musical artwork?

The article covers music videos, album covers, and assorted miscellany whilst discussing the likes of Bjork in the process.

Check it out.

Twanks @musicpiracyblog 


Brown, S.C. (2015). Stanley Donwood, Radiohead and the power of musical artwork. Guest contribution to The Conversation (Aus) website.

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