Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Anatomy of a research article: An introduction

Quietly observed some trends from emails* over the last few months and one of the most common ones is the lack of depth on some articles I have discussed in this blog: this is purposeful.

It is not my wish to dissect every paper on music piracy on your behalf, but rather recommend research of interest for you to do your own reading on the topic and make your own mind up. It has become clear that for many of you however, access to the papers over the last few months has lead some of you to hit a brick wall of sorts, and I understand that this is frustrating.

Research, like everything, is paid for. Publishers put in a lot of work and the individual papers are similarly paid for and so free access to them is scarce. I cannot readily go into any real depth on articles on this blog without running the very real risk of infringing on copyright myself by regurgitating the content from copyrighted sources on this blog, a free resource. I can however, go into more detail on my own work, and that is my plan over the coming year. 

And so, in the first of this new occasional series titled 'Anatomy of a research article', I will be going into some detail on a case study approach article from some years ago all about the distribution successes of Nine Inch Nails - it is freely available here. It will land in the next month, so keep up to date with the blog if this is something you are interested in.

*I appreciate the feedback.

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