Thursday, 17 April 2014

Probing the research methods used to study digital piracy

In another new article of mine, this new critique article published in the excellent Convergence is in response to their special issue in 2013 dedicated to digital piracy (reviewed here) and goes into some depth on reviewing the traditional research methodologies used to study digital piracy; it also proposes some alternatives.

It's written in a fairly accessible way, given the content, and is a great introduction to understanding how researchers make sense of digital piracy and how this impacts on the knowledge generated. It also ties in nicely with the recurring thread on this blog where readers are encouraged to dig a little deeper into how research is carried out (methods, funding, etc.) before getting carried away with headlines or soundbites.

Not strictly 'out yet', the article will appear in print format in the journal Convergence next month.

I should also note, I have a few more articles due to appear in 2014 on eclectic topics and will post links in due time.


Brown, S.C. (in press). Approaches to digital piracy research: A call for innovation. Convergence, 20(2), 129-139.

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