Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Personality as a predictor of music piracy engagement?

In this new article co-written by myself and Professor Raymond MacDonald, an original measurement is used to unobtrusively measure participants' attitudes towards music piracy; an indicator of likely engagement. The study concludes that individuals varying on different personality traits are more/less likely to favour music piracy.

Notably, the study finds that individuals who demonstrate a pro-piracy stance are likely to score lower on a measurement of fairness. In other words, the sample of pirates were observed as being unfair.

It also sheds light on other areas of research by concluding that individuals who prefer digital music, and are 24 or younger, are more likely to hold pro-piracy attitudes.

It is one of the few (if not first) research articles to explore personality as a predictor of music piracy engagement.

Have a p-p-p-peek and see if it synchronises with you and your friends' personalities and piracy preferences.


Brown, S.C. and MacDonald, R.A.R. (2014). Predictive factors of music piracy: An exploration of personality using the HEXACO PI-R. Musicae Scientae, 18(1), 53-64.

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