Monday, 25 November 2013

Recommended journals #4 'Popular Music and Society'

In the fourth of this ongoing occasional series, we have the rather excellent 'Popular Music and Society'.

Selected mainly in the interests of promoting the fine 2012 'Special issue on Copyright', the journal features regular 'special issues' built around a particular theme which makes for a splendid read.

Notable also for it's book and audio reviews, this journal is guaranteed to stimulate interest amongst readers on a broad range of topics. A recent article by Berg (2013), for example, discusses issues concerning copyright and ownership amongst fans of the Grateful Dead (or 'Deadheads', if you prefer).

With five issues a year, you won't be bored.

Check it out.


Berg, J, (2013). On the Removal of Download Access to Grateful Dead Soundboards from the Live Music Archive. Popular Music and Society, 36(2), 175-193.

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