Friday, 25 October 2013

Recommended Journals #3 'Convergence'

Continuing the new series of recommended Journals, this entry concerns the excellent multidisciplinary publication 'Convergence'. Like the previous recommendations, Convergence also published a special issue ('Special issue on online piracy') which was the subject of a previous blog entry here. Dating back to just February 2013, this is one of the most recent special issues.

Published via Sage, the Journal includes articles 'ahead of print'. One of the perks of publishing in the digital era, this allows research to be widely read before it is formally printed in the paper versions (and digital versions) of the actual Journals. Linking back to the first blog entry in this series, this relatively speedy process represents one of the main benefits of publishing in Journals over books - the speed with which you can get your research out there.

Convergence will be of interest to anyone with a general interest in technology, with articles exploring a variety of issues exploring the impact of new media technologies.

Check it out.

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