Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Is trying to to stop online piracy a waste of time? [video]

Check out the link below for a recent YouTube clip from Truthloader featuring a live debate from a variety of figures on digital piracy.

Meant to upload some months ago, but I got distracted by back-to-back episodes of It's always sunny in Philadelphia on Netflix...

It includes Joe Karaganis, who authored the recent 'Media Piracy in Emerging Economies' report which can be accessed here.

It's good to get people from different countries talking about piracy. It's a difficult one, as a global problem, that rarely do different points of view from different countries (with their own laws and norms) come together. To this end, check out the report above also.

While you're on YouTube, why not search for related videos (including hilarious anti-piracy clips..).

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