Monday, 15 April 2013

Piracy research from the UK government (with links)


Stats for this blog reveal that over 2/3rds of the readership are from the USA where there is no shortage of industry research coming from the likes of the RIAA (or funded by them).

So, time to dip your toes into some government research from the UK.

Click here for a whole bunch of reports from the UK's Intellectual Property Office on topics concerning copyright, intellectual property etc.

This lot will keep you busy for a long, long time.

Broadly speaking, empirical research can be categorised as follows:


There are overlaps of course, particularly concerning who is funding the research where for example, Academic research may be funded by Industry or Government. These examples often blur the lines of all three. Worth mentioning.

If you like what you see, the most relevant (and recent) example worthy of your time is a report by Professor Ian Hargreaves from 2011, comissioned by UK Prime Minister David Cameron to investigate if there is a need for copyright reform in the UK (SPOILER: Yes). Warning: By clicking the link above, a PDF should open in a new window.

Interestingly, alot of attention is paid to good evidence-based research.

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Hargreaves, I. (2011). Digital Opportunity: A Review of Intellectual Property and Growth. London: HM Treasury.

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