Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Special Post: Newsnight

Two posts in a day? Something special must be happening, right?

You're not wrong.

(Just) ahead of tonight's Newsnight episode on piracy, find the following resources below.

Here, you will find a link to a BBC article titled 'Music Piracy - who's on the moral high ground?'

Here, you will find MusicWeeks related article 'Is Google killing music?'

The debate echoes the recent proposals by IFPI in the 2012 digital report calling for increased co-operation from Internet service providers. It also comes shortly after revelations that the recent blocking of The Pirate Bay had a limited and short-lived impact. An insightful article on this can be found here.

This important and timely Newsnight programme will be available for UK web-users on BBC I-Player.

Twitter feed now live @musicpiracyblog with updates when there's not a new Batman film coming out

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